Introduction to Wicca

pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross

The Philosophy and Magick of Wicca

This eight week session class is designed to familiarize students with the history, philosophy, symbology, and practice of Wicca. You will also want keep a journal to further develop your thinking and spirituality. The discussion and magic that we do in this course can serve as valuable contributions to this journal. Starting March 5, 2014.

Required Reading: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.

I. Introduction; Discussion of Ethics: (Chapters 1 & 2)
What do we know about the Craft? How do we know it? What attracted you to take a class like this? What do you hope to do with the knowledge that you’ll take out of here? Learn about the three-fold law. The Wiccan Rede. The ramifications of bindings, and hexings. Doing magick for good or bane. Understand the difference between black, white and gray magic.

II. Magickal Symbology:  (Table of Correspondences)
Table of correspondence provided for all. Connections between the directions, elements, planets, sun and moon, herbs, astrology, goddesses, metals, times of day, etc. Determining your own private symbologies for love, prosperity, spiritual or personal growth, etc.

Meditation—Flora’s guided visualization of the Four Quarters.

III. High Magick: Multidimensionality: (Chapters 3 & 4)
Considering the interconnectedness of all consciousness. Understanding the multiplicity which is our being. In meditations or pathworkings, an act of imaginations allows us to traverse the universe. We awaken the imagination when we do magick. Further ethical considerations.

Meditation-- Dear Little Cloud.

IV. Elemental and Natural Magick: (Chapters 5 & 8)
The Earth Goddess. Calling in the elemental energies. Reviewing the significance of the quarters. Working with air, fire, water and earth. Understanding the correspondences for particular workings.

Ritual. Keeping sacred space. Setting up your altar. Purification and anointment. Music for ritual: recorded and live. Drumming and bells. Dance and singing. Chanting. Raising energy. The cone of power. Grounding.

V. The Agrarian Mysteries: The Wheel of the Year: (Chapters 6 & 12)

Understand the nature of the sabbats or Wiccan seasonal holidays. Seasonal ritual magick. Forms of the Goddess. History of Wicca as an indigenous early European religion. Multiculturalism of the Goddess. Moving toward a new earth religion. Celebration. Cakes and ale.

VI. The Lunar Mysteries
The esbats or lunar celebrations. The moon as Goddess. Full Moon ritual. The moon’s effect on oceans and on magick. Drawing down the moon. The Charge of the Goddess. Lunations for particular workings. Dark moon ritual. Waxing moon ritual. Candle magick. Initiation.

VII. Practical Magick: (Chapter 7)
Understanding the witches’ tools: the athame, wand, pentacle and cup. Consecration of tools. Working hands-on with herbs, oils, candles and incense. Using intent to charge a charm. Candle and talismanic magick. Waxing and full moon workings.

VIII. Scrying and Divination: (Chapter 9)
Some methods of divination. Elemental readings. Fire, water, and earth readings. Crystal, water, candle and mirror gazing. Tarot. Runes. Scrying to determine magickal working conditions. Trusting intuition, the higher self. Reading for others. Facing the shadow. Trance. Dark moon workings.

IX. Closing Ritual
We all gather to create sacred space and participate in an Esbat or Sabbat together as a group.

Grove of Gaia is a Wicca coven that is teaching and learning based and is led by Wiccan High Priestess, Lady Annabelle and other leaders. Students learn through training in the Wiccan Way, including reading and discussion, experiential practices, and through the deep growth of their magickal selves.

Grove of Gaia Works in Love for All

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