Water Keepers

Water Keepers: High Priest/Priestesshood

This level of training is often the true test of willingness to proceed deeply into Wicca. The Second Level Initiation propels the Witch into a serious commitment to self-development and self-knowledge along his or her spiritual journey, and bonds the Initiate with the Powers of West and of Water.

This is intense emotional work and demands a strong sense of personal motivations, a commitment to ethics and excellence, and beginning mentorship. Second Level Initiates must be present at all Moons and Sabbats and work as organizational assistants to the High Priest/ess. The initiate must also develop a second discipline and witness or take part in another group’s rituals.

The cord for the Second Level is Red and the Sigil is the reversed Pentacle, reminding us that now the Elements and the Gods will be teaching and working on us. The phase may span from a year and a day to a much greater period of time.

  • Attendance policy same as Fire Keepers
  • Continued Initiative
  • Daily Devotions to the Western Quarter-point of Water
  • Mentorship
  • Meditation
  • Magickal Journals
  • Mastery of a Divination form with test
  • Create an original Water/Emotions Ritual
  • Counseling: The Mentor shall be responsible for checking up on Initiate’s emotional and mental health during particular stages of development
  • Rites of Passage: Participate in Initiations, Wiccanings, Cronings, Requiems, etc.
  • Examination: Student must teach Aradia I on their own, supervised by mentor
  • A visions paper that explores a discipline deeply or studies Wicca in comparison to other world religions
    • Required Texts:

      • The Witches Bible, Janet & Stewart Farrar
      • Sea Priestess, Dion Fortune
      • Truth or Dare, Starhawk
      • The Way of the Shaman, Michael Harner
      • The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, Carlos Castaneda
pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross
pentacle on celtic cross

Earth Keepers

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